Socks for Refugees

Here’s a great idea from Holy Trinity Church, Tattershall:

What small thing can you do for someone who is displaced from their home and family?

How about donating a new pair of socks? We all love putting on a new pair of socks. Separate your socks if you bought a pack, remove any unnecessary packaging but keep the plastic tag holding them together.

Write your message. Completely optional but it would be lovely for the recipient of your gift to know who sent it. Now put one pair in a sealable plastic bag. Using a thick felt tip or permanent marker – write the size of your socks on the outside of the bag. If you haven’t got a pen, write the size on a piece of paper and pop it in with the socks so it can be easily seen. Please place in the box in (Tattershall) church.

Rev Sue x

Holy TrinityTattershall is a beautiful church, always worth a visit, but if you can’t drop your socks in there, you can donate online on the Socks For Refugees website


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