Housing a Human Tragedy

Bloody Nora's Big Gob

The cost

Governments can be terrorists too,
Save some pennies, all for the few.
What would Margaret Thatcher do?
Burn the poor for a better view.

Rachel Fox, 2017

Rachel Fox’s poem, for me, expresses something of the anger a lot of people are feeling about the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in West London. On top of the saddening, sickening loss of life, one of the most tragic things about the fire is that it was completely avoidable.


Over the last few days we’ve seen, heard and felt many things. The unbearable sorrow of people who’ve lost family, friends, neighbours, pets. We’ve no doubt imagined the terror and desperation of those who were trapped and perished, picturing ourselves in their shoes, feeling their confusion, fear and horror.

We’ve read the blog by concerned tenants whose pleas, forewarning of potential tragedy, fell on deaf ears and blind budgets. And we…

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