Prefabulous Days

At last! I have completed my novel about growing up on a post-war prefab estate. It’s called “Prefabulous Days”, and it’s based loosely on memories of life on the Pilgrims Way estate, Kingsbury NW9. It’s now available on Amazon as an e-book (2.99) and a paperback (£6.55).

Here’s the blurb:

“On the Friars Walk prefab estate, there’s a cast iron box, about the size of a small wardrobe, set in concrete. The grown-ups think it’s something to do with their electricity supply because it hums. For the estate kids it’s just there to be climbed on, but some believe it’s home to a race of tiny people. They call it the Green Thing.

A few yards away, the nearest prefab is home to the Dobson family. Made in a factory out of war surplus aluminium and assembled on a wooded hillside, the new all electric home is a revelation for bus conductor Harry, his wife Olive and two sons. Just the ticket. They can hardly believe their luck.

This is the story of their new life.  PoW labour, horse manure wars, a dog on the roof, coronation street party, secret grandfather, lumpy school dinners, NHS to the rescue, the dentist from hell, skiffle, the girl next door, and a resistance campaign when the prefabs are due for demolition. Never a dull moment on Friars Walk.”


Prefab friends: Paul Kennedy, Jim (AKA Jamie) and Janet Chignall, Dave Robson, Chrissie Turner, Billy Chambers, Shelagh O’Mahoney, Vic Burton, Wayne Evans, Rob Burns, Alan Newbery

Others who have helped me in one way or another: Margaret Dewrance, Madeleine Heaton, Ben Dewrance, Louise Lamb, Geoff Thompson, Dave Kenyon, Phil Cosker, Colin and Lys Ann Reiners, Jean Radford, Ivan Sayer, Janet Head, Rhys Jones, Bea Jones, Clare Smith, Brent Archives, Philip Grant.

To buy the book on Amazon:

E-book (Kindle reader/ tablet / phone)

Paperback (195 pages)


4 thoughts on “Prefabulous Days

  1. Hi Peter I ordered on Amazon today I can’t wait to read the book, got any more in the pipeline? I’ve been writing a story Back in the Sixties based loosely on my teenage years and what me and my mates got up to, I may want some advice regarding publishing IF I ever get it finished in this lifetime!
    All the best

    • Look forward to your story too. I chose to go down the self-publishing road, and it was not as easy as Amazon makes out. I’d be happy to help if / when your’e ready. Writing is the easy bit! Thanks again for letting me steal your prefab anecdotes etc.

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