After a 49 year career mainly in teaching and media production, I find myself in semi-retirement, living in the often overlooked but quite lovely English county of Lincolnshire, dividing my time mostly between my family, attempting to play the mandolin, reading, writing and indulging in that underrated pastime, mucking about.


I have been blogging for a living since 2009, first for the University of Lincoln and currently for a fine local hotel.

I first got hooked when I came up with the notion of a blog entirely devoted to the alumni of the Lincoln School of Media, as it was then called, and from April 2013 to June 2015 I was employed writing the University of Lincoln’s Public Engagement blog, working for the then Dean of Public Engagement. My reward was to be sacked when he became ill and the concept of public engagement was apparently abandoned by the University. Never mind, it’s all learning. The Public Engagement blog was deleted by the University without regard for my feelings or moral rights as its author, but I have preserved it as an archive here.

Since July 2014 I have been blogging for the Petwood Hotel, a delightful assignment which came about through a series of fortunate local connections in Woodhall Spa. It now has a loyal and growing readership here in the UK and overseas. It’s a joy to work on.

For a while I was a parish councillor in the village of Kirkby on Bain, where I live, and in September 2015 I created an independent blog for villagers, which I still edit . This is also a joy to work on, and the stats indicate an appreciative readership beyond my initial expectations.

In this blog, selfishly perhaps, I write about anything that interests me. I hope you find something here to interest you too.

My most recent innovation is the addition of a timeline, which allows readers to access my memoirs in chronological order and to relate them to the history of the period they cover.

Peter Dewrance

Last updated 11/03/20

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