A musical gift for the new year

Another year almost gone! I’m sorry I have not posted many stories this year, but you know how it is. Nobody told me that time speeds up the older you get. Dirty trick if you ask me. Anyway, whether you are a regular reader or you have just stumbled on this blog, please accept my best wishes for 2020, and many thanks to those who have contributed comments and “likes”.

My prezzy is a recent memory – one of my personal 2019 highlights, an evening with the Unthanks. (Who? Read on….) I hope you like it. It might cheer you up in these nightmare days of Trump, Boris, Brexit and other insane causes for depression. Escapism? You bet.

The Unthanks?

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Last orders please

Here’s a thought-provoking post from my friend Caroline High:


DSCF0715I was sitting in a church recently waiting for a concert to begin. It was a good evening and the choir was in fine form but it was the conversation I had with the lady sitting next to me, and not the music, that struck the biggest chord that night.

I don’t know the lady very well but she’s a very pleasant person, and so we sat together. She worships at the Catholic church we were in and in the course of conversation, told me that she’d been here the evening before, to hear Mass said in memory of a friend. “She was one of my oldest friends, and I didn’t know she’d died.” I raised my eyebrows. She went on to explain that her friend had moved a long way away, and her son had moved in with her. When she died, her son had had her cremated at…

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Taking Off: Exploring Cultural Education in Lincolnshire

We all want the best for our children and grandchildren, but sometimes opportunities for enriching their development are hard to come by in a county like Lincolnshire, especially outside our main towns. Fortunately, help is now at hand.


Last December over 50 cultural, arts and education professionals attended an event called “What if Every Child Could Fly in Lincolnshire?” to demonstrate their passion and enthusiasm in supporting all children and young people in the county in having the opportunity to experience great arts and culture. The event was so successful that a follow-up event is planned. Continue reading

Children sing to banish global hunger

lincolnshire-v-hunger_logo_150wLincolnshire children are raising awareness of global hunger thanks to a new competition created by Lincoln based charity Shepherd Food Ministries. The campaign aims to inspire communities to work alongside governments and international institutions to achieve the objective of the UN’s Millennium Development Goal (MDG1) of reducing poverty and hunger by two thirds in 2015.

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