Rant about Rent #4: Short Term Thinking

Here’s someone who tells it like it is:

Bloody Nora's Big Gob

I’ve been paying rent for twenty-seven years. By the age of twelve my son had moved home with me six times. The first time he was barely six months old, we were evicted just before Christmas because the landlord had reneged on his mortgage. The longest we’ve lived together in a property is five years, but that ended when our landlords decided to sell.

This is the reality of private renting. It is incredibly insecure.

The last place we rented privately almost caught firebecause of damp in  very old, dangerous electrics. The estate agents and landlord were impertinent. I spent two years complaining about damp so severe water dripped through a light bulb, but they were concerned only for their costs, not our health and safety. So when we were offered a council flat I felt enormous relief – some security, somewhere we could finally call our home, at last.

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