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Image courtesy axiomhaIf you have a story you want to appear on this site, or you want to give me general feedback, just type or paste it in the [Message] box on the form below.

I must have your email address so I can get back to you if necessary. I will never divulge your email address to anyone else without your permission. By default, nothing you write in the message box will be published unless you tell me otherwise.


You are welcome to submit a comment on any published post or some comment-enabled pages, or a published comment. By default, when you submit a comment relating to a post or comment, you are agreeing to it being published, either edited or verbatim. All such comments are moderated before publication.

However, before you submit a comment for the first time, to avoid disappointment, please do check out the guidance set out here, particularly regarding unacceptable use.

Here’s the drill in detail:

(The illustrations shown here have been captured from a Windows laptop. If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, they may look a bit different, but they work much the same.)

To make a comment from the home page just click on the speech balloon on the top right of the post you want to comment on. If others have already commented, you will see a number in the balloon.

The balloon changes colour and you will be taken to the post itself with a comment form at the end of the content. Just type your comment in the reply box. (See below)




If you are already reading the post on its own page (e.g. if you have landed on it via a search engine or other link, such as the [continue reading] link or the speech balloon on the home page.) just write in the [Leave a Reply] box at the foot of the post. You will also see any comments already published.



In either case, when you have typed your comment, click on the Post Comment button to submit it.

When you submit your comment, it will be held for moderation. You will be asked to provide a genuine email address; this will not be published. I will use this address only to communicate with you privately if necessary.

Happy Commenting!

Please note:

  • Private correspondance. I prefer not enter into private correspondence (email or postal) about posts, pages or any other matter related to this website unless I feel it is appropriate to do so. If you want to enter into such correspondence please use the contact form above, but I am under no obligation to reply. On my part, any such correspondance will be kept strictly confidential unless you agree that it may be published, either in full or in part. I expect you to do the same.
  • This page was last updated on 11/03/20